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June 5th 2020

New brand and identity

Ábyrgar lausnir ehf. has rebranded itself under the name Responsible Solutions and the picture logo "re:sponsible solutions". 


The company was established in 2017, mainly working with clients in Iceland. Since then the company has extended it´s footprint to Europe. Because of it´s international focus  "we felt it was, necessary to define a clear brand message to the market in one language", said Valdimarsdottir, founder of Ábyrgar lausnir ehf. 


The pre-fix "re:"  which is now part of our logo and name is at the same time a nominator for words that have a subjective effect in the sustainability sector such as re-new, re-cycle, re-think or re-focus, just to mention few.  "re": will be used in our marketing and communication as an identifier for our brand in copy and correspondence.

MEFA Medienfabric, Germany, worked with the company on its new webpage and re-branding.

February 20th 2020

Green day -Iceland Chamber of Commerce-

The annual business forum of Iceland Chamber of Commerce took place on February 17th 2020, this time emphasizing sustainability.  A special focus was directed towards the first Icelandic translation of the EGS Nasdaq framework.  The translation was initiated by Iceland Chamber of Commerce, IcelandSIF, Icelandic Standards (IST) and Festa, with the intention to make the framework more accessible to Icelandic companies and businesses.

October 11th. 2019

UN - Sustainable Development Goals

At the annual conference of Icelandic municipalities that took place on October 3-4th, the UN sustainable development goals (SDG´s) had a special focus.  The national government of Iceland has made some headwinds, defining areas of interest and KPI´s that helped with discussions and implementation of the sustainable development goals at the local municipality level.  The government of Iceland presented earlier this year a  VNR report (Voluntary National Report), outlining objectives, measurements and progress of it´s implementation in Iceland.

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