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Strategic planning and solutions
for increased sustainability
                                       Accredited Consultant at Fit4Sustainability



​We offer companies, institutions and municipalities, consultancy service, training and solutions in implementing sustainability into their strategy and publication. 

Our solutions follow international standards and frameworks and meet non-financial regulations on reporting and the ESG (environment, social, governance), CSR (corporate social responsibility) and RI (responsible investing) strategies, which prepares for positive impact and fair rating.  



Definition and implementation of methods and strategies to enhance sustainability of projects and business models


Training and workshops helping organisations progressing with changes towards new value creation 


Identifying and analysing key performance indicators preparing organisations for sustainable requirements  and structure for success


Validate and communicate

trusted and transparent information for internal and external stakeholders and brand value


Þór Egilsson

HR Manager, Lífeyrissjóður verzlunarmanna

It has been a very valuable experience to work with Responsible Soulutions in implementing and creating our social responsibility reporting. Through the work with their team  I have learned that they have a deep and wide comprehension on the matter that has given us added value to the work.

Þór Egilsson HR manager

Hildur Grétarsdóttir

Quality Manager
Vörður Insurance

Vörður worked with Responsible Solutions implementing sustainability reporting, and our conclusion was that it is important to team up with a specialist to lead the work on the framework and the report.  Our co-operation with Responsible Solutions has been extremely great in this project

Ragnheiður M. Ólafsdóttir

Attorney at Law,
Reitir Fasteignafélag

It has been extremely valuable for REITIR to receive guidance from Reponsible Solutions who helped with the creation of our database and structure reports on social responsibility.


Viktoria has outstanding knowledge in the field and always responds quickly and thoroughly to all matters.

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